June 2018 - La Barberia de Gràcia

Introducing the new Dyson supersonic

On June 18th Jordi Pérez traveled to Madrid to attend the presentation of Dyson’s new professional dryer: Dyson Supersonic. The brand invited 100 of the most influential hairdressers in the country and the specialized media to an event that took place at the Madrid Railway Museum, a fabulous space where professionals could get to know this revolutionary dryer in first person.

The new Dyson Supersonic is the result of many years of research, and was born in a company that stands out precisely for its marked innovative character. Dyson engineers have thoroughly studied the hair and its behavior in order to design the ideal dryer. Jordi was enthusiastic about the sensors of this new dryer, which controls 20 times per second the temperature of the air, so that it does not exceed 150 degrees, the temperature from which the hair suffers.

This new dryer captivates for its design and ergonomics, and when it has already captured you by its image, you fall in love with the speed in which it dries the hair. And one aspect that many will greatly appreciate, the Dyson Supersonic is much quieter than most dryers on the market. A small gem of engineering that will surely delight the hairdressing professionals.