December 2018 - La Barberia de Gràcia

American Crew ACUMEN in La Barberia de Gràcia

Today we introduce the new launch of American Crew: ACUMEN.

Presented by the founder of the brand, David Racugglia, this new collection is postulated as the experience of perfect personal care with highly effective formulas that meet the needs and demands of each man. “ACUMEN provides an element of clarity, sophistication and aspiration to the care of the skin, the preparation of the beard and the routine of body care. This new line is more than a routine of care, it is a “4-step Regimen” that drives a lifestyle motivating men to take care of themselves increasing their self confidence. As “Official Supplier to Men”, American Crew knows all the needs of the personal men care” says Raccuglia.

ACUMEN products are composed of AC ACUMEN COMPLEX, a powerful brand-exclusive complex that contains vitamin B5 and vitamin E, which, combined with antioxidants and moisturizing agents, achieve great and visible results on the skin and hair of men . Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ginger root extract, bisabolol and blueberry extract manage to maintain the hydration of hair and skin to counteract possible damage caused by external agents and prevent aging.

AC ACUMEN includes 15 products specially formulated to meet the needs of man care. The “4-step Regimen” consists of the following steps: Shower, Shave, Care, and Styling.

Discover this exquisite new line of American Crew at La Barberia de Gràcia!