"One Step Beyond" Collection - La Barberia de Gràcia

One Step Beyond

The male collection One Step Beyond captures the most emerging trends of the present day and goes a step forward in the dominant aesthetic in modern male hairdressing.

We wanted to leave behind the ankles and the whole image associated with them, and we sought a series of proposals that respond to a male, cosmopolitan, interested in his image and the trends of the moment.

We also wanted to reflect not only a certain aesthetic but also a concept, that of a person who appreciates the positive part of life and an optimistic attitude with a very Mediterranean lifestyle.
Still in line with our previous collection, the cuts are still very accurate, polished and well-finished, attaching great importance to the traditional techniques of male hairdressing, but looking for broken results and very emerging styles today, for which we bet in the short and medium term.


Hairdresser: Jordi Pérez
Photographer: Sergi Jasanada
Makeup: La Barberia de Gràcia
Costumes: Jasmina Bass / Beatriz de la Fragua