Creating La Barberia de Gràcia - La Barberia de Gràcia


Creating La Barberia de Gràcia

Interior d ela barberia mostrando todos los epacios

The history of La Barberia de Gràcia goes back many decades. But sometimes you do not need to travel far in time to discover very interesting details. Do you want to know how the design of the new barber shop, inaugurated in 2014, was designed? Keep reading.

The interior designer Ernest Ameller was responsible for creating the concept of the new barbershop. Jordi Pérez worked with him side by side, showing him images of barbershops that for our creative director are a clear worldwide reference. It was at this moment that the idea emerged about which the whole design would be developed, an idea based on our own history and culture: Catalan modernism.

After many conversations and investigations, it was decided to bet on a minimalist style clearly Mediterranean but with modernist touches. The more than 50 years of history that the barbershop has behind it had to have a leading role, and this also had to be reflected in the new space, achieving a design that offered this feeling of historical and experiential burden.

The white color was chosen as the base color for the space, in order to increase the sensation of luminosity. The tiles were added to give continuity throughout the entire premises, in addition to providing a very characteristic retro air.

The modernist style elegantly splashes the room, highlighting elements such as doorknobs and door handles, or in the light design: bulbs and lamps. In addition, the organic ornaments placed on some doors are an unequivocal reference to this artistic style so recognized in our city, Barcelona.

This design studied to the millimetre only increases the experiential experience we share with our clients, a sensorial journey that can only be understood in one way: by living it in the first person.