Barbering, shaving and beard cutting courses

  • The perfect shaving ritual

  • Aromatic hot towel
    Serves to relax the facial muscles so that the hair in the beard can absorb the water causing it to inflate and easing the use of the razor thus diminishing the impact on the skin.

    Training Step 1
  • Essential Oil
    We apply a pre-shaving product, which is the mix of twelve essential oils. This process softens and smoothens the beard forming a thin film over the skin, minimising irritation.

    Training Step 2
  • The foaming
    Now we apply the foam in a circular motion. It has to be done with a badger hair shaving brush, which is an indispensable tool for a traditional shave.

    Training Step 3
  • The shaving
    And the shaving begins. We pass the razor twice. The first is a mild pass. We reapply the foam. The second pass is closer depending on the type of hair and skin.

    Formació Pas 4
  • Cold scented towel
    After the two passes of the razor, we apply a cold towel scented with rosemary. This closes the pores, cleans the leftover soap and refreshes the face.

    Training Step 5
  • After Shave lotion
    And finally, we apply an aftershave product to calm and repair the skin, leaving it in the best possible condition and feeling refreshed.

    Training Step 6
  • The course is addressed to professionals who would like to start in the male grooming field, which includes different styles of shaving, beard trimming, sideburns, goatees and moustaches.

    Normally the courses are held in Barcelona, but they can also be organised in different locations.
    Classes are held in small groups.

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  • Program 

    · Presentation
    · Evolution of shaving in the historic context
    · Explanation of the six steps of the shaving ritual.
    · Explanation of the basic shaving techniques.
    · Shaving practical (Without a blade)
    · Shaving practical with blade and a real model
    · Q&A and presentation of diplomas.

Even though in the last years it seemed that the shaving service had fallen into disuse, there actually has been the resurgence in demand from people who value the shave as a fundamental ritual for male care. They understand that it is more than just the shave, but the group of techniques related to it.

So we take pride, then, in the enjoyment of a refined barber shave, offering this new service and the products that accompany it. It has been proven that the more of our products a customer uses, the more loyal he becomes.

Shaving at home has become extremely easy in this modern age. The customer can find a great variety of creams, foams, gels, soaps and shavers that range from one blade all the way up to six, not to mention electric shavers that can be used under the shower.

Despite this, the majority of men barely have the basic knowledge of how to shave in the correct manner, or of the range of products that exist aside from the brand names.

Therefore, the professional who wants to offer a good service has to offer an experience to the senses. He must be able to fuse personal care, tradition and, of course, advice about the techniques and products being used.

It is also essential to have a vast knowledge about the different products being used in order to highlight the benefits and their main characteristics. He will thus have at his disposition the wisdom to be able to explain and advise which product would be suitable for each particular circumstance.

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