"Multiverse" Collection - La Barberia de Gràcia


In the theory of multiverses, or of several Parallels, all possible realities can be given, and this is what we’ve done in the Multiverse Collection, inventing an era inspired by different artistic currents from different periods.

In our particular universe, complements and colors are combined with complete freedom, provided they have harmony. And in our hair we’re looking for precisely the same thing, that the main shape of the head perimeter is balanced with the whole.

We wanted to work with medium-sized and long measures, because they have enabled us to create the most successful styles in our particular world.


Male styles, highly marked geometries, elaborate hairstyles, in clean and front-looking men.

They’re right here on the other side.



Hairdresser: Jordi Pérez – La Barberia de Gràcia 
Photographer: Sergi Jasanada 
MakeupMónica Martínez 
Costumes: Ángel Cabezuelo