"Grey Fringe" Collection - La Barberia de Gràcia

Grey fringe

Traditionally, in male hairdressing, the customer has been rather reluctant to innovate and apply color, unlike female hairdressing, where women are much more daring.
But this is a time when the man, after a few years of wearing a very vile aesthetic, with very male hairstyles and with the beard as the main protagonist of his image, is prepared to make a change, to update himself and to try new things and why not, to make fantasy colours.
Our collection reflects this change, this innovative man who, without giving up his masculinity and a very powerful and very varonly image, dares to take the step towards creating fantasy colors, in this case grey and silver colours, which we have called grey stripes.


Hairdresser: Jordi Pérez – La Barberia de Gràcia 
Photographer: Sergi Jasanada 
MakeupLa Barberia de Gràcia 
Costumes: Fermín & Gilles