"Dirty face" Collection - La Barberia de Gràcia

Dirty face

Colección Dirty Face
A collection that revolves around violence and aggressiveness, in which we mix classical stylisms with very aggressive attitudes.
Colección Dirty Face
Colección Dirty Face
Violence is inherent in human beings, and even if we give an image of a technological and civilised society when you scratch a little under this light layer of poison, you see the beast that we carry inside. This can be seen by driving, in a football match, in a demonstration, etc. We do not need to go to war to see that violence surrounds us and even defines us as human beings.
Colección Dirty face
We therefore want to shift this sense of violence into everyday characters and in the near future.
Es Noviembre, es Movember


Hairdresser: Jordi Pérez – La Barberia de Gràcia 
Photographer: Sergi Jasanada 
MakeupMónica Martínez 
Costumes: Fermín & Gilles