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La Barberia de Gràcia triumphs in Chicago

May · 8 · 2018

Considered one of the best barbers in Spain, Jordi Pérez adds one more success to his list after getting last April 29th the award for the best men's collection in the ABS Global Image Awards, as part of the America's Beauty Show, one of the most important events in the worldwide hairdressing sector.

Jordi travelled to Chicago full of enthusiasm to enjoy the grand finale where he presented his collection Grey Fringes, a collection that reflects the innovative man who does not want to give up his masculine personality but who dares to give fantasy to his image through colour. La Barberia de Gràcia conquered the American continent, where it competed with some of the best stylists on the international scene

Jordi Pérez, currently pre-nominated "Spanish Hairdresser of the Year" at the Fígaro Awards 2018, declares moments after to win "I feel in a cloud", and adds that "reaching the finalist was a gift, but winning is a wonderful dream come true". For Jordi this has been an incredible opportunity for expansion and assures that it is an experience that "you have to live".

With this new award he promotes his meteoric career feeling more motivated to continue facing new challenges and objectives.

I feel better today

Apr · 16 · 2018

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to live an experience of those that leave a mark very deep inside. That day, I felt better person. It all started last December when we carried out a solidarity campaign dedicated to raising funds for prostate cancer research. The money obtained from the services of shaving and beard grooming was entirely allocated to the Prostate Cancer Research Unit of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute. And a few days ago, we were lucky to be able to visit the laboratories of this unit at the hands of some of the most important medical eminences of the hospital.

I was impressed: the passion, the desire, the implication that those scientists transmitted. It was incredible to hear how they explained the current state of some of their research, although I must admit that many of the technicalities used escaped my knowledge. However, they knew how to send us their message and let us share their concerns and achievements, the challenges they face, their passionate dedication, the hopeful results, the naturalness and the closeness through their gestures and words ... absolutely incredible.

I had the feeling of "being very small next to very big people" that is changing the course, which makes the difference in terms of research in our country. Despite not having the resources they really need, they manage as they can to continue, with tenacity and audacity, their work that, finally, affects the common good of the whole of our society, even clearer, affects our lives. ..

That day I went to sleep conscious of a reality that surrounds us, a reality that we sometimes forget. I was aware of what we can contribute, each one, from our place, our work, our personal power. I could not help but smile at the thought that I contributed a little bit of that day, having had the opportunity to collaborate with this group of scientists and doctors who are fighting so that we are all a little healthier and can enjoy a better quality of life.

Just as I have decided to collaborate with them by contributing to the collection of a specific service of the barbershop for a month, anyone can do it, in their own way. It is only a question of interest and of realizing that we are all involved. Each contribution, however small, is received with an excessive illusion; it allows them to move forward and continue to believe in a life project, by making what we so far still believe impossible.

I have loved, even if only for a moment and with a modest amount, feeling that I am part of this community. And that really represents a good for society. I encourage you all to live an experience like this, for our health, for everyone's.



Jordi Pérez

How to take great care of the beard

Apr · 3 · 2018

Bearding is fashionable, but not in any way. Beards are weared clean and arranged, and although it does not require complex care, it does require specific products. We have to bear in mind that the hair of the beard has different characteristics than the hair of the head, and therefore it needs different products, treatments and attentions.

In the shower it is advisable to use a specific shampoo for beards, with which we will lather well. Once out of the shower it is best to dry it with the towel or the dryer, in the case of long beards. At this moment we are going to apply the second product: a serum, which will give us shine and softness.

The specific serums for beards have nourishing properties for the skin and not only for the beard, unlike the oils, it is for this reason that we prefer them.

Once the serum is applied, we comb the beard well so that the product is well distributed, ideally with a boar bristle brush.

Finally, we can apply a styling product, known as Beard Balm, which will give us fixation, highly recommended especially for those beards with a certain length that want to keep well groomed all day.

If you follow these steps, you will wear a beard of envy, although remember that, whatever your beard, it is best to go through the barber shop periodically to get it fixed.

Jordi Pérez, prenominated for Spanish Hairdresser of the Year

Mar · 6 · 2018

The month of February ended in style at La Barberia de Gràcia. Jordi Pérez has been prenominated for Spanish Hairdresser of the Year, the most important category of the Club Fígaro Awards, the most important hairdressing association in the country.

Jordi will now compete against 16 pre-nominees to become a finalist and to be able to parade on the grand gala of the ninth edition of the Fígaro Awards. These prenominees have been chosen by the professional media of the sector, and Jordi is the only barber that we find in this select group.

Jordi thanks the media for this great recognition, and confesses that only the fact of being pre-nominated "is a real honor and already a prize".

It is not the first time that La Barberia de Gràcia has representation in these awards. In 2016 Jordi was already finalist with his Dirty Face collection nominated for Best Male Collection.

Good luck, Jordi!

2018 hair men trends

Jan · 26 · 2018

New Year… new trends? We talk with Jordi Pérez, artistic director at La Barberia de Gràcia, about what we would found in 2018. 

What do you predict for the beards in 2018?

Despite what we have been hearing for a long time that beards are going to disappear, that they no longer will be wear,… My answer is an emphatic no. It is not true. Beards are still worn. They are no longer a trend as marked as two or three years ago, when they were the most modern and also took an exaggerated length, but they’re still trendy. Now we see them shorter than before, not as much as an incipient beard, but shorter, and with a slight disproportion between the moustache and the beard. My bet is that they will continue to give people something to talk about in 2018, 2019 and maybe even in 2020. There’s still beards for time!

And for men hair, what trends will we have this year?

In 2018 it will continue to be seen the fade, but less. We are not going to see as many gradients as we have done so far, and this measure will give way to longer hair. We're going to see length at the nape of the neck and on the sides, and curly hair is coming powerfully! We will have a clear influence of the 80s. You can already take good note of Stranger Things and movies of that decade because they will be the source of inspiration for the season.

In colouring we will continue giving touches of colour in those more daring men. We are not up to the female hairdresser but it is a field where little by little we are moving forward. We will see some highlights, or for the more daring we have colour silver, or fantasy colours, even fluorescents! By the way, the ultraviolet colour, chosen 2018’s colour by Pantone, is not on the men’s wish list, for now  ;-)

And what plans do you have in La Barberia de Gràcia for 2018?

During this year at La Barberia de Gràcia we will continue moving forward, as always. And we have prepared some surprise that I still cannot reveal. We are working on very interesting things, including our new collection! Which, by the way, is not going to look anything like what we've done so far. When my colleagues tell me every year that the collection has surprised them, for me this is a great satisfaction, and this year I plan to surprise again with what I have in mind. However, to see it, you will have to wait ;-)