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Jordi Pérez, winner of the Best Collection at the Barberías con Encanto Awards

Oct · 11 · 2018

Jordi Pérez, creative director of La Barberia de Gràcia, collected last Sunday September the 30th the prize for the best men's collection for Grey Fringes at Barberías Con Encanto Awards. These awards, the most outstanding in the barbering sector, gather every year the best barbers of Spain in a gala that has already become one of the references among the professionals of the national barbering. Pérez has been a finalist in all editions of these awards, although it is the first time he wins the award for Best Collection. He was also nominated for Best Barber Shop and Best Barber.

Grey Fringes is the winning collection, a proposal that took Jordi Pérez to Chicago last April, where he also won the same category of the ABS Global Image Awards. This collection, which has been published in multiple media both nationally and internationally, reflects the change that is taking place in the hairdressing sector, in which the male public wants to innovate without renouncing their masculinity, looking for a very powerful image and very manly, and who dares to take the step to perform fantasy colors, such as the gray and silver colors that are presented in this collection.

Barberías con Encanto awards are presented by the homonymous association that was born with the aim of providing visibility, dissemination and prestige to the sector of the Barbershop of this country, which is currently experiencing one of its golden moments. The awards ceremony was held on Sunday September the 30th at the emblematic Puerta de América hotel in Madrid, at a ceremony presented by Vicenç Moretó and José Navarro.


The Barberia de Gràcia doesn’t miss out an event

Sep · 28 · 2018

This will be an intense weekend in Madrid, where the international fair of image and aesthetics will take place, Salón Look, one of the most important in the beauty sector, where every year professionals from all corners of Spain and abroad meet themselves to discover, debate, comment and share. La Barberia de Gràcia team will be there to visit the more than 400 exhibitors that make up this twenty-first edition of the fair.

But it’s not all about visiting the fair. Jordi Pérez and his team travel to Madrid with the agenda to the fullest. On Saturday night Jordi will be in charge of presenting the Night of the Stars of TheQHair, a gala to be held in the Goya Hall of Ifema, where the new awards given each year by this Haidressing Michelin Guide will be presented.

On Sunday night we will dress up again to attend the final of Barberías Con Encanto Awards, in which we are finalists in three categories: Best Barbershop, Best Barber, and Best Collection. How exciting!

We will finish the weekend with the final of the Spanish hairdressing awards, granted by the Club Figaro. The ideal event to discover new and impressive collections of creative hairdressing that always leave us open-mouthed.

An intense weekend full of hairdressing, barbershop, and colleagues. We promise to return with our heads full of new and incredible ideas.

Creating La Barberia de Gràcia

Aug · 27 · 2018

The history of La Barberia de Gràcia goes back many decades. But sometimes you do not need to travel far in time to discover very interesting details. Do you want to know how the design of the new barber shop, inaugurated in 2014, was designed? Keep reading.

The interior designer Ernest Ameller was responsible for creating the concept of the new barbershop. Jordi Pérez worked with him side by side, showing him images of barbershops that for our creative director are a clear worldwide reference. It was at this moment that the idea emerged about which the whole design would be developed, an idea based on our own history and culture: Catalan modernism.

After many conversations and investigations, it was decided to bet on a minimalist style clearly Mediterranean but with modernist touches. The more than 50 years of history that the barbershop has behind it had to have a leading role, and this also had to be reflected in the new space, achieving a design that offered this feeling of historical and experiential burden.

The white color was chosen as the base color for the space, in order to increase the sensation of luminosity. The tiles were added to give continuity throughout the entire premises, in addition to providing a very characteristic retro air.

The modernist style elegantly splashes the room, highlighting elements such as doorknobs and door handles, or in the light design: bulbs and lamps. In addition, the organic ornaments placed on some doors are an unequivocal reference to this artistic style so recognized in our city, Barcelona.

This design studied to the millimetre only increases the experiential experience we share with our clients, a sensorial journey that can only be understood in one way: by living it in the first person.

La Barberia de Gràcia, finalist in 3 categories of the Barberías Con Encanto awards.

Jul · 9 · 2018

Best barber, Best barbershop and Best collection. To these three categories of the Barberías Con Encanto Awards we have been nominated as a finalists. Jordi Pérez, creative director of La Barberia de Gràcia, knows these awards first-hand, because he has been a finalist in all previous editions.

Now we have to wait to know who are the winners of these awards given by this meeting point of the Spanish barbershop sector. A project that was born a few years ago and that tries to defend barbershop as a philosophy of life in its purest state: a vanguard profession, successful, influential and stronger than ever.

Next Saturday September 29th, in Madrid, coinciding with the celebration of Salón Look, and after the success of the previous editions, the awards ceremony of this V edition of the awards will take place, in a night full of personalities and brands, in which the best representatives of the sector will be recognized.

With these three nominations La Barberia de Gràcia is positioned as one of the major references in the sector, and once again rewarded all the work done over the past few years.

Introducing the new Dyson supersonic

Jun · 26 · 2018

On June 18th Jordi Pérez traveled to Madrid to attend the presentation of Dyson's new professional dryer: Dyson Supersonic. The brand invited 100 of the most influential hairdressers in the country and the specialized media to an event that took place at the Madrid Railway Museum, a fabulous space where professionals could get to know this revolutionary dryer in first person.

The new Dyson Supersonic is the result of many years of research, and was born in a company that stands out precisely for its marked innovative character. Dyson engineers have thoroughly studied the hair and its behavior in order to design the ideal dryer. Jordi was enthusiastic about the sensors of this new dryer, which controls 20 times per second the temperature of the air, so that it does not exceed 150 degrees, the temperature from which the hair suffers.

This new dryer captivates for its design and ergonomics, and when it has already captured you by its image, you fall in love with the speed in which it dries the hair. And one aspect that many will greatly appreciate, the Dyson Supersonic is much quieter than most dryers on the market. A small gem of engineering that will surely delight the hairdressing professionals.