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Bye Bye short Hair

Mar · 18 · 2019

Jordi Pérez, director of La Barberia de Gràcia - the only barbershop in Spain with the 3 Michelin stars of the hairdressing sector - reviews the male hair trends that promise to give much to talk about this year. Perez, elected best barber on several occasions and pre-nominated Spanish Hairdresser of the Year 2018, is clear that the dictatorship of short hair is over. Hipsters and other worshipers of this style are going to be forced to coexist and give way to styles with much longer hair and also, the great forgotten and often reviled, in recent years, middle part hair.

As it has been demonstrated in last Fashion Weeks, specifically in London, Paris and Milan, the long hair measures are imposing with great force, although the shorts will still be there for a long time, since they have a very faithful audience that it is totally identified with very masculine, very Lumber and very retro tendencies and styles, with which an important part of men feel comfortable. But those who have other concerns and who like to follow the trends more closely, are in luck, since long hair has definitely been the protagonist in the last catwalks.

For Jordi Pérez, seeing so many models with medium lengths and even some long hair parading on the catwalks is a real pleasure, because it allows them to be more creative when it comes to working their hair.

Finally highlight that middle part hair, which so many years we have renegade - whoever is without sin, cast the first stone, confesses the director of La Barberia -, returns stomping. There are many models of the haute couture brands that have worn middle part hair in the runways mentioned previously, so we can see that 80s and 90s trends are going to continue in male hair this season and if not ask to Stranger Things or Bohemian Rhapsody fans.

American Crew ACUMEN in La Barberia de Gràcia

Dec · 11 · 2018

Today we introduce the new launch of American Crew: ACUMEN.

Presented by the founder of the brand, David Racugglia, this new collection is postulated as the experience of perfect personal care with highly effective formulas that meet the needs and demands of each man. "ACUMEN provides an element of clarity, sophistication and aspiration to the care of the skin, the preparation of the beard and the routine of body care. This new line is more than a routine of care, it is a "4-step Regimen" that drives a lifestyle motivating men to take care of themselves increasing their self confidence. As "Official Supplier to Men", American Crew knows all the needs of the personal men care" says Raccuglia.

ACUMEN products are composed of AC ACUMEN COMPLEX, a powerful brand-exclusive complex that contains vitamin B5 and vitamin E, which, combined with antioxidants and moisturizing agents, achieve great and visible results on the skin and hair of men . Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ginger root extract, bisabolol and blueberry extract manage to maintain the hydration of hair and skin to counteract possible damage caused by external agents and prevent aging.

AC ACUMEN includes 15 products specially formulated to meet the needs of man care. The "4-step Regimen" consists of the following steps: Shower, Shave, Care, and Styling.

Discover this exquisite new line of American Crew at La Barberia de Gràcia!

It’s November, it’s movember

Nov · 20 · 2018

Movember is a movement that takes place every year during the month of November to raise society's awareness of men's health issues such as prostate or testicular cancer. Throughout the month, actions are taken to raise funds for programs around the world that save and improve men lives.

Movember was born in Australia in 2003, when a group of friends decided to grow a moustache to support a friend who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They agreed to pay ten dollars for each person who left a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness of society about these terrible diseases.

Little by little the movement grew and nowadays there are already more than 5 million people who join the cause every year. They are called Bros and Sistas, this is how they are known to all those who participate either by letting their moustaches grow, donating money, or organizing fundraising events to fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer, health mental and physical inactivity.

For 30 days the moustache becomes an ad that walks and speaks advocating for male health, breaking with the taboo of the disease and supporting the visibility of the movement.

And you, are you joining Movember?

Jordi Pérez, winner of the Best Collection at the Barberías con Encanto Awards

Oct · 11 · 2018

Jordi Pérez, creative director of La Barberia de Gràcia, collected last Sunday September the 30th the prize for the best men's collection for Grey Fringes at Barberías Con Encanto Awards. These awards, the most outstanding in the barbering sector, gather every year the best barbers of Spain in a gala that has already become one of the references among the professionals of the national barbering. Pérez has been a finalist in all editions of these awards, although it is the first time he wins the award for Best Collection. He was also nominated for Best Barber Shop and Best Barber.

Grey Fringes is the winning collection, a proposal that took Jordi Pérez to Chicago last April, where he also won the same category of the ABS Global Image Awards. This collection, which has been published in multiple media both nationally and internationally, reflects the change that is taking place in the hairdressing sector, in which the male public wants to innovate without renouncing their masculinity, looking for a very powerful image and very manly, and who dares to take the step to perform fantasy colors, such as the gray and silver colors that are presented in this collection.

Barberías con Encanto awards are presented by the homonymous association that was born with the aim of providing visibility, dissemination and prestige to the sector of the Barbershop of this country, which is currently experiencing one of its golden moments. The awards ceremony was held on Sunday September the 30th at the emblematic Puerta de América hotel in Madrid, at a ceremony presented by Vicenç Moretó and José Navarro.


The Barberia de Gràcia doesn’t miss out an event

Sep · 28 · 2018

This will be an intense weekend in Madrid, where the international fair of image and aesthetics will take place, Salón Look, one of the most important in the beauty sector, where every year professionals from all corners of Spain and abroad meet themselves to discover, debate, comment and share. La Barberia de Gràcia team will be there to visit the more than 400 exhibitors that make up this twenty-first edition of the fair.

But it’s not all about visiting the fair. Jordi Pérez and his team travel to Madrid with the agenda to the fullest. On Saturday night Jordi will be in charge of presenting the Night of the Stars of TheQHair, a gala to be held in the Goya Hall of Ifema, where the new awards given each year by this Haidressing Michelin Guide will be presented.

On Sunday night we will dress up again to attend the final of Barberías Con Encanto Awards, in which we are finalists in three categories: Best Barbershop, Best Barber, and Best Collection. How exciting!

We will finish the weekend with the final of the Spanish hairdressing awards, granted by the Club Figaro. The ideal event to discover new and impressive collections of creative hairdressing that always leave us open-mouthed.

An intense weekend full of hairdressing, barbershop, and colleagues. We promise to return with our heads full of new and incredible ideas.